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You can 100% have great results with video without paying big $$.

Most people think that to get more sales, they have to spend big on expensive photoshoots to use in their social media posts and ads. They believe that it’s not possible to do it themselves.

Professional photoshoots are great for your website but they aren’t always what’s going to sell your products on Instagram.

Knowing how to show how your products are used and what they really look like in a creative way will sell more on social media - and will save you a ton of money!

When you start creating videos using your phone not only does your engagement increase BUT you'll also be in a better position to run high performing paid ads.

It's win = win!

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How It Works...

Show + Sell 

Ecommerce Video Toolkit
Master Your Video Strategy In Three Simple Steps!

Get Ready to Super Charge Your:

  • Instagram Videos
  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Reels
  • Instagram & Facebook Ads!

⚡️ ⚡️ Step 1

Make Outstanding Offers To Sell More Products Online - Your Marketing Efforts Will Never Fall Flat Again!

⚡️ ⚡️ Step 2

Include the Elements of High Performing Video so Your Videos Attract Likes, Clicks & Customers

⚡️ ⚡️ Step 3

Choose Your Sales Boosting Video Types For Ecommerce And Away You Go

⚡️ ⚡️ Want Even More Customers?

Access My One Amazing Ad Template to create a Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign to take your awesome videos to new heights!

Hello 👋

It's nice to meet you!

I’m Miranda, I’ve been on a mission to simplify online marketing for small business owners since 2014 as I truly believe that you can do just about anything if you have access to a phone and the internet. 

After blowing the minds of eCommerce brands with this low-cost video ad strategy I’m obsessed with helping business owners everywhere create and rock their socials.

My superpowers include helping you to enjoy your marketing no matter your age or how creative you think you are. I can’t wait to see how you showcase your products better online!

“Miranda knows what she’s doing!”

Miranda knows what she’s doing! I booked a 3 hour session in which she set up a retargeting catalogue for my online clothing business, fine tuned my audiences, got rid of overlaps and added new ones. She explained and edited my budget to make sure my money would bring in maximum return. We set up a few ads and I got some great inside tips on this.

Clare Greshke, Gwyllem Clothing

“Her advice and coaching has made a huge difference to the performance of our Facebook ads”

I would and do recommend Miranda to any marketer or business looking for tailored advice with their Facebook marketing. I’ve found her one-on-one sessions to be highly valuable and her advice and coaching has made a huge difference to the performance of our Facebook ads. She’s super lovely to work with and knows her stuff! Will be keeping in touch for more strategy planning in the future!

Bec Bounsanto, Rossi Boots

A huge 200% increase in interactions

As always a fun, fast & interactive session that solved problems and created new campaigns… new facebook ads that hit the spot & a better understanding of the 'how' for future creations...Solid carousel & video performing ads that were created with a huge 200% increase in interactions

Kelly, Coastal Clotheslines

“You know your Facebook Ad stuff- so I would and have already recommended you to friends.”

We have returned to you, so obviously we see the value in the advice you provide. I personally enjoyed that you can enter with your expertise on the specific level we need. You cut through the Facebook quickly to get to the actual problem. You know your Facebook Ad stuff- so I would and have already recommended you to friends.

Kirsten - Luka Jewellery

“Super helpful, friendly, professional and knowledgeable”

"I highly recommend you work with Miranda. She’s super helpful, friendly, professional and knowledgeable. In just one hour I learned how to do a Facebook Ad, what Reels are and how to navigate my way around insta and Facebook, more than I knew how to before.

Poppy Kalund, Tall Poppy

"We had a very successful summer with our Facebook Ads after our intensive session with you."

Ashleigh Hill, Lilly and Lime

Want the proof of just how easy it can be…?

  • I wanted to sell copies of my book. So what did I do? Used a video showing my book. No music, no text appearing on screen. Using the simple video ad below I’ve sold over 150 copies of my book using my Show + Sell strategy.
  • A swimwear label came to me. They’d had a video from an influencer who suited their brand who had tried on a bunch of different styles. This simple video ran as an ad and saw 11x return on ad spend.
  • A natural sunscreen company came to me. They only had photos of her product which I knew was too boring to run as an ad. They also had a video of a child putting on sunscreen on her mum which showed how easy it was to run in. That ad saw a 4x Return on Ad Spend.


Here’s the deal…

I charge $330 per hour to deliver what I share in this course.

As a Facebook Ads Manager, it's $2000+ per month plus your ad spend to put these exact same strategies into practice.

Since launching my book and podcast this year, I’ve received feedback from so many businesses who need this brand of real video marketing for themselves.

As a former online store owner myself I get that coming up with new content ideas all the time can be a drag.

That’s why I love helping online stores to feel excited about their products again, to be able to share the stories behind what they do. 

I want to get my high-quality training Show + Sell into the hands of people like you.

Because of the times that we’re in and I want to make sure that as many people as possible can start to learn this simple and affordable strategy.

Grab your Ecommerce Video Toolkit today for $297 $27!

What do you get in Show + Sell?
Three core modules will see you creating better video - today!

Module 1 - How to Make Outstanding Offers
(value $99)

Motivating people to buy online comes down to how good your offer is. You’ll learn what type of ecommerce offers work best to motivate your clicks into customers!

INCLUDES: Offer + Action Template so you can plan what you're doing every month of the year!

Module 2 - Secrets of High Performing Video (value $99)

Discover my simple plan to churn out videos and images using your phone, so you can go from zero visitors to super-engaged fan base fast.

INCLUDES: Get Your Phone Tech Right - there's no point even taking another video without doing this first!

Module 3 - Sales-Boosting Video Types
(value $99)

Learn the top 3 video ad types that you can return to over and over again for your video. Instead of worrying about what to create, you’ll know exactly what to do every time.

INCLUDES: Content that Connects - simple hacks to take better photos & videos for Instagram

Plus Join Today & Get These Bonuses worth $145!

  • One Amazing Ad Step by Step Template (value $99)
    7 Steps to take your video creation and turn it into an amazing Facebook & Instagram paid ad with ease. 
  • Ecommerce Product Launch Calendar (value $27)
    Swipe and deploy my best prompts for activating your online store for a 28 day launch plan
  • Power Up Your Profile (value $19)
    Understand the best way to supercharge your Insta Profile and take advantage of the features that can help your account stand out quickly.


One Payment of Just $27 AUD


30 Day 100% Refund Guarantee

Join Show + Sell and review this program within 30 days and we will give you a 100% refund.

So now you’re here you can choose...

Choose to invest in Show + Sell and start showing your products in the best light possible from today. You will start giving yourself an incredible opportunity to make more sales using simple videos.

Choose not to invest and stay where you are, which may be feeling fed up with having to post on Instagram and fumbling your way through creating ads like you’re stumbling through a dark room looking for the light switch.

I encourage you to choose quickly!
Your customers are waiting to find out about your products and if you don’t let them know, they’ll head to another online store that sells the same thing but better.

Your most popular questions answered!

What makes this program so successful?
I’ve spent the past 7 years working on high performing Facebook & Instagram strategies. I want to take these strategies and create them in a way that anyone can do.

One of the main takeaways of this program is to help you understand that you can create better content right from your phone.

If I’m just getting started with this work for me?
No one ever regrets learning easy video strategies sooner! Most people love how easy it is to integrate into their instagram content ideas. They love how they can show their products in a new way that sees them share their flair better than ever before. If you're just getting started, this is a great way to share your amazing products with a goal of growing your following and sales - faster.

If I don’t have a big Instagram following will this work for me?
Having a big Instagram following allows you to get feedback from your audience about what they want. However, even with this strategy you’ll get immediate feedback about what type of videos your audience likes, and doesn’t like. We’re always looking for new ways to connect and grow online and this course will help you get there.  

If I have a big Instagram following will this work for me?
I've worked with brands who do have a big following and share these strategies with them. They've often wondered why they haven't done this before because it - A. Gets them better engagement on Instagram B. Can be turned into paid ads easily.

Is there any support available if I get stuck?
Show + Sell is a do-it-yourself course where you’ll learn video strategies that you can use time and time again. There will be a live month long intensive in September. By joining show + sell now you'll be the first to know about it and save $100 off Earlybird / $200 off Full Price. You can choose to take this up if you want more support.

What kind of refund policy do you have for Show + Sell?
If within the first 30 days of purchase you open up the course and decide it’s not possible for you to create better videos, then we will happily refund your money.

I’m not tech savvy, will this work for me?
Have you got a phone? Then you’ve got all you need! Learning to navigate and use your phone to find hidden features are all part of this course.

Isn’t video just pointing your phone at something, why do I need to learn a course on how to do it?
If creating video was that easy there wouldn’t be professionals who do it for a living. I’m not a videographer but what I have learned after working with hundreds of ecommerce businesses is that time is money. If you can learn the fastest way to do something and get results then it’s worth it.

I’ve tried Facebook Ads and they don’t work for me. What’s different about this program?
Facebook ads don’t work when you run crappy ads! Most people just jump on into Ads Manager and yell “buy my stuff” without actually running an offer or creatively sharing what they do. If they don’t know how to use Ads Manager, they simply hit “boost post” which is a paid ad type that isn’t even designed to make sales (yes really - this is an ad objective that builds engagement but doesn’t send traffic to your online store).

Show + Sell will show you how to take your video content and turn it into a Traffic or a Conversion ad. This type of campaign will serve you better in terms of aiming for sales.

Still not sure?

Open up this program in the first 30 days & decide it's not for you and I will give you 100% money back.

Nothing to lose and only the easiest Facebook & Instagram ad set up ever to gain.

Let's Recap Just How Easy It Will Be...

When you join Show + Sell, you receive...

  • 6 Action Taking Videos
  • 5 Worksheets
  • 1 Offer Template
  • The bonuses that will skyrocket your Instagram & Ads (value $145)

...And you'll be making better videos today!


Results from this program will vary as every business is different. Facebook & Instagram ads are a tricky beast with many variables including but not limited to your product type, budget, website, offer and target audience. This course will help you to understand how you can use video to promote your products and then turn those videos into paid ads if you would like to. No guaranteed sales are given for the success of your paid ads or content.

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